Alpaca Fiber Halter Tube

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I might be new to alpacas but have lived and breathed horses since I as 2 years old.  Now that I have these fuzzy creatures in my left I’m constantly thinking of ways to use their fiber for my equine love.  So far I’ve made lead ropes and reins but it was a minor injury to one of the horses that inspired my next project.  A custom felted tube for a halter crown.

One of the horses managed to get in a bit of a pickle and received a rope burn under the halter. (So much for having a breakaway halter when it doesn’t break!)  Long story short she’s hairless and a little sore behind her ears.  I thought about buying a sheepskin halter tube but thought, why do that, I bet I could felt some alpaca around the area and make a nice soft padding.

The results speak for themselves!  Perfecto!  Even though this is felt it is just as soft and squishy as if it were sheepskin.  Viva Alpaca!


3 comments to Alpaca Fiber Halter Tube

  • That looks really neat, and super soft!


  • I love it and I bet your horses do too. Was it wet felted or needle felted? Are you going to make more? Goodness, I wonder what I can make for my dogs out of alpaca? Oh that’s right, I am going to make dog beds out of alpaca…one day. It’s on my to do list.

    • It was wet felted right onto the crown of the halter and boy was it a mess to do it. I’m thinking a better way would be to knit/crochet a tube and then felt it.