Fiber Arts Friday - Crochet Rag Rug

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Last week I spent a lot of time cleaning the screen porch and getting all the leaves and dirt out of there that blew in through a hole last fall.  What a mess.  After I got the floor cleaned it looked so bare.  It wanted something, a rug.  I still had some old flannel sheets hanging around so I got to work ripping them into strips.

I decided on making a rectangle rug with a random color pattern.  It turns out that was the best choice because I ran out of the beige color!  I ended up replacing it with a more ivory color sheet which at a quick glance you don’t notice but if you look at it hard enough you can see where half the rug has beige and the other half has an ivory look. 

The method I used to connect the strips is exactly the same as the Christmas Rag Rug I made for my brother.  This time I decided not to make the rug the “toothbrush” way but crocheted it instead.  Crochet is faster and makes the rug a bit thicker but doesn’t wear as well as a toothbrush or braided rug.


Making Fabric Strips:
For my rug project I decided to repurpose some old flannel sheets.  I cut a little slits along one edge of the sheet every ½ to an  inch or so.  Now comes the fun part!  Grab that little fabric tag and rip!  The flannel sheets tore very evenly right down to the end without the need to cut each strip out by hand.  If you have a cat hanging around this process is very fascinating and you might have to fight for some of your strips back.

How To Connect Fabric Strips:
Now that you have all of these strips hanging around you need to be able to put them together.  Many suggestions have you sewing the strips together, which is great, if you have that kind of time to waste.  Easiest method I found is to cut a small slit in the ends of each strip and slipknot them together.  Thread one strip through the slit you made in the other and then feed the tail of the 1st strip through the slit you made in the end.  Pull tight and voila you have connected the 2 strips together.


Hook Size: S-35
Stitch: Single Crochet
Pattern: SC a chain the length you want the rug +1 SC and turn repeat until the width desired is reached.
Color Pattern: I chose to do a random pattern so I connected the strips as I went.
Fringe: Cut fabric strips into 8″ lengths.  Fold in half and feed the fold through the end and slip the tails through the fold and tighten.

Finished rug size came out to 2ft x 3ft! My dog Brindee has claimed the rug as her own already. *sigh* maybe it’ll end up being a pet rug instead.

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  • dbnc2

    i made 15 for Christmas gifts
    i used old sheets & curtians
    i made oval & round
    they all liked their rugs
    even the children

  • Pat Murphy

    Is there a source for pre-cut strips (bolts) of fabric for crocheting rag rugs?

  • Jeanine

    Thank you for the slipknot tip to put the strips together. So much more appealing than sewing them all together since I’m sure that by the time I got it sewed together I’d lose my ambition to actually make the rug. Such a lucky pooch to have such a nice doggy rug too! 😉

  • fv

    Well good morning! And thank you.

    I bought a duvet cover for my thick blanket, I cannot remember the name of those, and since it was bought at a thrift store, I thought I got a great deal.

    I get home and there is a hole in it. Not a huge one, one that I could darn if I wanted to. But I decided I really don’t like the pattern.

    Cut up in stripes the pattern will not look the same, and the color is so pretty.

    So guess what is going to be a rug, or rugs?

    Thank you for the idea. I have an ‘s’ hook around here some where….

    * goes off searching for ‘s’ hook, mumbling ‘where did I put that blasted hook?’*

  • I love your rug! I like how you joined the pieces together with a slip knot.

  • This is a great way to use up old fabrics – thanks for sharing!

    .-= Jess (Storied Yarns)´s last blog ..Fiber Arts Friday: Gnomelicious =-.

  • I have to try and find a knit version of this. And to make the time to cut up the strips.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Ellen´s last blog ..Dads and Grads Who Knit =-.

  • I am impressed by your ability to repurpose. I’ve been saving my hay bale string because of you.

    We usually use the old sheets for wash rags or crumpled up dog beds, but this is great!
    .-= Kathryn | Alpacamundo´s last blog ..Fiber Arts Friday – Duck Feet part 2 =-.

  • I love the dog sitting on the rug! Thank you for the instructions. I really need to make one…or at least attempt one.