Fiber Arts Friday – Wonder Woman

I missed last week’s Fiber Arts Friday because I was on vacation but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t playing with fiber. So far I have several projects going all at once.

1. Summer Afghan – Currently making simple granny squares out of cotton to make a light afghan for a twin size bed. I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to connect all the squares yet. I figure I’ll need 60 squares total and I’ve got 20 of them made so far. Blah that’s going to be a lot of sewing when I’m done.

2. Cotton shawl – I’m a sucker for cheap yarn deals at Joann’s and I have some funky colored purple, teal, green, white cotton and decided to make my first shawl. What’s funny is I’ve already crocheted 2 shawls out of it, hated both of them and ripped them apart. I’m hoping 3rd time is the charm.

3. Tour de Fleece! Yes the Tour de France is still going on which means every day I am spinning. For the first leg of the tour I’ve been using my trusty geek spindle (dowel, rubber grommet, old CD and a hook) which is always one of my favorites. Easy to pack and spin anywhere. My most challenging spin was spinning on a floating dock, in an ADK chair with a breeze. Now that was talent.

I recently bought my first spinning wheel! A Spinolution Echo! I’ll be writing up a whole post about this wheel later but for a summary, I LOVE IT! I’ve managed to spin up 3 skeins of yarn and am working on my 4th since Monday night.

4. Speaking of spinning off my wheel, I had time to actually crochet my very first hat! Not only is this the first hat I’ve ever made but it’s 100% Dutch Hollow Alpaca! Yup, I used roving from Cokie and CW that I still had and spun it up into some bulk weight 2 ply. The hat weighs in at 9oz! That’s one heavy hat but I’m sure my head will be snug and warm this winter.

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