Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Alpaca Farmer

 Head Lamp  Head Lamp – Perfect hands fee light when you need to illuminate your way around on dark winter nights.
 Yaktrak  Yaktraks – Slip right on over muck boots to give a secure grip on even the most icy surfaces.  No more falls!
   Carabineers or Safety Snaps – I can never have enough of these around.  Help hold gates open, close hay nets, Water buckets, mineral buckets, and a million other uses.  They do break, rust and get lost and is always a “needed” farm item
 Hitch Ring  Hitch Rings – What good would a snap be if you didn’t have something to attach it to? These rings work great for everything including your improvised homemade “paca trapper.”
 AFCNA-Extreme-Alpaca-Sock  Alpaca Socks – Yes we may breed the animals and sell the socks but we too would love to keep warm with them!
 barn knife  Barn knife, scissors, or snips – Ok alpaca folks, how many times have you gone to go get a bale of hay and can’t find your trusty utensil to cut the twine or snip the wire?!  I must have 4-5 hanging around the barn in various locations and always want more.
 Bucket Brush  Scrub brush – Hang one next to each and every water bucket you have! Keep your hands dry when doing a dump and scrub in the winter.
 Alpaca Halter and Lead  Halters and leashes – Technically you should have enough halters and leads hanging next to each stall to accommodate every single animal in that area in case of a fire or emergency.  How many of you actually have that many?
   Ear Plugs – another useful tool that constantly gets lost or is grungy.  You should always be using these when operating any machinery or when pounding t-posts.
 Gift Card  Gift Cards! – Not sure what to get? A gift card to Tractor Supply, Home Depot or Lowe’s is always perfect!

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