Waldo Watch Cap – Knitting Pattern

This was the first hat I ever knitted.  It is simple yet uses some new techniques to keep your brim even and stretchy and has fun colors for kids or kids at heart.

Waldo Watch Cap

Needle: #7 16” round
Yarn: Ella Rae Kamelsoft  (merino /camel blend) (88yrds per ball)
            (1)Dark Green
            (1)Dark Red
Stitch Markers
Darning needle

Cast On Method: German Twist
            Small (60) Med (80) Lrg (100)   I used 80 for the hat shown, it fits most size heads

Brim: Mark beginning of round with a stitch marker
Work Knit 2 Purl 2 (K2P2) ribbing until 4 inches in length in Green

Hat: Starting with Mustard color knit 4 rounds switch to Red and knit 4 rounds.  Continue until when you try on the hat it is of a good length.  (TIP: see video for how to do joggles stripes)

When you are satisfied with the length it’s time to decrease rounds.

Place stitch Markers every 10 stitches. 

Knit the first 2 rounds of the color as normal
On the 3rd round of the color K2tog the last 2 stitches before your marker
Knit the 4th round as normal

Switch to new color and repeat above.
Continue decreasing until difficult to do so on circular needles.

Cut a long tail and use the tail to slip the stitches off your needles.  Draw the top together and secure the top and darn in your tail end.

Use a pompom maker with all 3 colors to make a nice ball for the top.

This hat is meant to have a triangle shaped top that stands up like Where’s Waldo’s hat does. Have fun and enjoy!

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