FAF – How to thread beads to spin into yarn

Welcome back Fiber Arts Friday followers.

As many of you blog hoppers know this month is Tour de Fleece and with that comes challenge days where spinners try something new or a method they have been struggling with.  I was inspired by a post written by Wind Rose Fiber Studio and decided to learn how to spin beads myself.   Here is how I thread my beads for spinning.


Beads of your choice
Needle Threader
Fiber from the roving/bat you will be spinning from

Initially I used a beading needle and thread but I found the Needle Threader works SO much better and is a lot faster.

Step 1

Pop the bead on the threader

Step 2

Prepare a small bit of fiber

Step 3

Place thread a bit of fiber through the threader, don’t pull too far on.

Step 4

Pull the bead over the threader and onto the fiber

Step 5

Move the bead to the center and fluff up the ends

Now you have your threaded beads ready to spin into your single!

TIP! When spinning the bead into your single keep a bit of fiber on the outside of the bead to hold it into place.  Wind Rose has a great photo of what I’m talking about… Click Here for Photo

Calling all Team of Wonder Tour de Fleece Participants!
Enter to Win!

Share photos of you threading beads with fiber or spin up a small sample of beaded yarn on the Team of Wonder TdF thread to win.

Winner gets 60 pre-threaded glass beads on alpaca/wool as well as 2 oz of the matching roving.   Glass bead color choices, purple, green, black, purl, or a funky brown metallic like shown in the photo below.

17 comments to FAF – How to thread beads to spin into yarn

  • How many of us have you infected with this beading madness?! I had to go out today and buy purple beads to put in my green Meriboo roving … this was not in my plans!

    Just kidding. I love learning new ways to spin. I have this lovely dark piney green meriboo, and I bought some dark purple beads. I have found that using a crochet hook helps … bead the threader, then put the hook of a small crochet hook through the threader, and use that to grab some fiber and pull it through. It’s quite addictive.


  • I was wondering how to do that. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Hmmm, I’m not certain I’m up for beads in my yarn yet, but I think it would be nice for an edging or decorative detail.

    I am excited tho to see what everyone else comes up with. 🙂

  • Oh, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I’m currently plying with the beads on a seperate yarn. It’s been quite a learning experience…check out today’s blog for details. Now I’m going to have to try this way. Does the yarn hold up well over the bead or do you also ply to help hold it in place?

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  • That last photo … those fluffy beads look like they could be brooches or decorations for something knitted!

  • I’m really enjoying all the TdF posts. Spin on!

  • Awesome post even though I don’t spin. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Great tutorial on beading-I will definitely try it. I think it was you that asked me about directions for the big tri-loom. If you just google tri-loom instructions a couple sites come up. Good luck if you give it a try. It wasn’t hard-just time consuming.

  • What a great idea! Thanks for the tip. Good luck with your Tour.

  • I’m not a spinner but I’m enjoy all the TdF posts. thanks for sharing!

  • How interesting – photos of the actual spinning of yarn & beads, please ? 🙂

  • Nice tip. I don’t spin, but am wondering if that same technique would work for knitting and or crocheting beads into your work?
    Making my rounds through FO Friday

  • What a neat trick. Wish it were that easy to place beads on your yarn when knitting!

  • Ah! Thanks for sharing. I saw Neauveau Fiber’s You Tube video on beading. She put them on beading thread and plied the beads with a strand of yarn. I like your demo better. I guess both ways have a purpose and the overall effect is different. I am going to try this. Thanks! See you at TDF.

  • Artista

    oh my gosh, ok, i’m in.

  • Great photos. I know you wanted a video clip but these are great too. I can’t wait to see what people create and who wins. Thank you for donating this amazing prize.

  • Nat

    I don’t spin, but I always wondered how people spin beads into the yarn – now I know! Thanks 😉