FAF: Mini Skein Ornaments

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to Fiber Arts Friday.

Today I have a little tutorial for you to make these little skein Christmas Ornaments.  When complete they are about 4″ long and come with their very own hanging loop.

If you want any close ups, just click on the photos.  So here we go!

Step 1: Using worsted weight yarn pick 2 colors you like and tie a knot at the end, trim up any dangles .

Step 2:  Tie a slip knot right up close to your previous knot.

Step 3:  Place the slip knot over a book or magazine and wrap an additional 5 time ending on the end where the slip knot is

Step 4:  Cut a long 8-10 inch tail of yarn and tie a knot securing all loops of yarn

Step 5: Twisting the tail into a cord.  Following the twist of the yarn continue twisting each strand between your fingers separately and then counter twist them together to create a cord


Step 6: Create a loop with the cord tying the loos end around all strands of yarn and secure with a few knots.


Step 7: Remove yarn from your magazine.


Step 8: Using hemostats on non tail end twist the yarn like you normally would to create a skein.

Step 9:  Grab the cord with the hemostat and pull through to create your skein.


Step 10: Snip off any loose strands.

Step 11: You’re done!



One last thing!  A friend of mine is having a drawing for anyone who “likes”  her farm  Seven Spirits Farm on Facebook.  Check her out!  The drawing will be picked today so get there quick!

The drawing will be for a 4-5oz. art batt (your choice of batt), and for the people that dont spin or felt i will spin it up for them into yarn :O) I will also be throwing in a lil surprise…..Just share the drawing with others and post here that you shared and you will be randomly picked! Friday night i will post who won.


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