FAF: I did something!

Hey Fiber Arts Friday Fans!

Yippy Look I actually sat down and spun up a bobbin of alpaca goodness this week!  My only motivation was because it was half done, taking up a bobbin and I wanted to spin some LOVELY bats from my white alpacas that Seven Spirits Farm carded up for me.  I can’t wait to show you.

Speaking of spinning.  Here’s a photo from TheLCN from October that Clover Hill Farm recently sent me.

Look I’m Weaving!  Errrr… no I’m not.  Might explain the perplexed look on my face.

If the weather was as nice as it has been here in WNY I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy it!

Happy Spinning!


4 comments to FAF: I did something!

  • LOL their proof readers are like the ones for our local paper. That’s a nice photo though and it looks like you’re spinning clothesline-thick yarn on that big flyer. What wheel is that you’re spinning on?

  • Hahaha… that reminds me of an episode of 10 Items or Less… Ingrid is weaving, but everyone is talking about the quilting. lol!

    Your yarn is beautiful!

  • I love how the newspaper says a weaver demonstrating while a photo of you spinning is shown. Gotta love the news!

    Hooray for spinning.

  • Yummy alpaca fiber goodness-love the new yarn!
    Cool that you were in the newspaper! You are actually spinning, right? They should have asked you what your name is, where you are from and what you were doing.